Asbestos Abatement Downtown Las Vegas

Asbestos abatement is becoming more and more necessary as older structures around Las Vegas are being bought up and remodeled. Especially in the Las Vegas Downtown area the asbestos abatement service is becoming very popular.

Most recently the vacant El Cid Hotel caught on fire. Officials said that the fire was started by homeless people that were illegally occupying the property. During the fire fighters efforts, it was found that the Hotel contained large amounts of asbestos. The property will be undergoing a major removal of the substance now demanded by authorities to the current owners.asbestos abatement las vegas

Recently, the Plaza, located at the end of Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas announced a major renovation project starting in 2019. The property was tested for asbestos and is now having to deal with a massive asbestos abatement situation. Just once more proving that the downtown properties that will be next to be upgraded will all most likely have to have an asbestos abatement project scheduled for them.

Rumor has it that the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino in the heart of Downtown had one of the largest asbestos abatement projects take place during their current renovations. The asbestos was everywhere and several huge precautions were necessary to maintain the safety of the job and keep all citizens that worked and played nearby out of danger.

Asbestos abatement is a huge undertaking as there are so many things that can go wrong or put people in danger during the process. Most of the Downtown Las Vegas projects have been working with the best asbestos abatement company in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Environmental Pros has decades of experience and are equipped to handle these massive projects. Their crews are all certified and obtain all the necessary State and Federal licenses that are required to provide accurate asbestos abatement. Not only does LV Environmental Pros handle asbestos abatement projects but they also specialize in mold remediation, lead base paint removal, water damage clean up, hazardous waste removal and fire damage clean up. Most of their business actually comes from water damage clean up which always creates the mold remediation. Once the mold remediation process begins and the walls are torn into, that is where they find they need to start the asbestos abatement process.las vegas asbestos abatement

Typically, asbestos is just fine living in undisturbed quarters. It is only dangerous once it becomes exposed and airborne. That is why properties that are being renovated require removal of the dangerous substance because they are disturbing the area and making it now dangerous to all that are exposed. Asbestos is one of the most dangerous substances and can cause many illnesses such as lung diseases and mesothelioma. It is highly recommended that any older building, especially ones built prior to 1980, all get professional asbestos testing before moving ahead with any large renovations.

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